TLD Single-shaft Double Louver Series Damper


   On the basis of absorbing advanced overseas technology and practical experience, Tuna developed single-shaft double louver series door, which has advantages of safety, reliability, seepage free, all-round anti-corrosion and convenient maintenance to meet the customer's requirements.


Main components:


   It is mainly composed of frame, vane group, actuator, seal sheet, supporting device, shaft seal, tire rod mechanism, safety device, air tightness system (auxiliary system), etc.


Working principle:


  The actuator control the opening and closing action of  blade group through link mechanism. At the same time, enclosed air butterfly bamper will synchronous open and close. When the blade group is on the closing position, gasket will be elastic contacted to minimized seams. When the enclosed air butterfly bamper opened, pressurized air will enter into the seal air channel, where, a pressurized air curtain wall will be formed, made the blade group completely separated and ensure the damper 100% sealed.


Main features:


1、)High reliability—carry out strength and deformation calculation by means of definite element, ensure the reasonableness of the part structure

2、Advanced sealing structure—special treated C-276 is adopted as sealing materials. It has good elasticity. The seal sheets contact when the door close, the seal gap is small. The self-enhanced sealing structure with patent technology may ensure the sealing effect of the equipment for long period.

3、Perfect anti-corrosion design-anti-corrosion surface design avoids seepage of carbon steel while welding with alloy steel. The strict welding process can ensure welding quality and anti-corrosion performance of the weld seam.

4、By-pass door quick-release assistant design—the quick-release assistant structure adopts patent technology to reduce the starting torque of the actuator and increase the safety and reliability.

5、Safety measures—interlock between switch and location to ensure safety operation of the equipment and avoid mis-operation.

6、Smaller resistance —no intermediate frame between door block, reduce the resistance and seepage points.

7、Convenient erection—intermediate support is adopted for super-wide door. The door leaves on both sides is stagger designed to avoid seizure of the middle bearing. Meanwhile, such structure is convenient for repair and maintenance.

8、The electric heater adopts temperature step-less regulation to save energy and extend service life.

9、Adjustable tie rod mechanism ensures accurate door positioning and flexible rotation.







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